Local Community

The local community

In Megève, the Alpaga is an establishment that cultivates its difference, thanks to its sheltered situation, excellent standard of service, and ties of friendship with people who live and work in the resort. Carpenters, cheesemakers, guides, designers and sports professionals are the best ambassadors of Megève and its art of living. To stay at the Alpaga is to discover the soul of a legendary village. Men and women who are deeply attached to their traditions, and proud of their know-how and history. An invitation to travel, dear to our philosophy, and the promise of an entire Group: Les Hôtels d’en Haut.


After completing his training in Sallanches, Julien Gal dreamed of becoming a carpenter and cabinet maker in Savoie, and finally set up his own business, CBA74, five years ago to meet the needs and aspirations of his customers. Julien draws, sculpts, creates and produces furniture, staircases, doors and windows in three traditional woods: pine, oak and ash. He loves the variety of the commissions he receives, and is inspired by the scent and touch of wood. For L’Alpaga, Julien created our magnificent outdoor Swedish bath facing Mont Blanc and regularly visits the hotel to make minor adjustments to parquet flooring, terraces and bay windows. Over time, Julien has formed close ties with L’Alpaga. “I like the team. They’re genuine and professional. I love the view too. I feel really happy here.” 

La Ferme Véronique

La Ferme Véronique in Praz du Feu uses biodynamic farming practices to grow gentian, mother-of-thyme, St.-John's-wort, Alpine flowers, absinthe and edelweiss for its exceptional spirits and liqueurs, produced in time-honoured fashion. Biodynamic farming goes a step further than organic agriculture because it also aims to maintain the landscape, restore the balance of the soil and promote healthy eating. From the seed to the bottle, the farm’s liqueurs, brandies and “absinthe de Serraval” (patented in 2013 and named after a small village in Haute Savoie) are produced using age-old recipes handed down by the grower-distillers of Haute-Savoie. Here, the land is tilled by winches and horses and the plants are dried on wooden duckboards, guaranteeing L’Alpaga supplies of pure, light-filled liqueurs. Forty sprigs per litre, no more, no less, go into each bottle marked with the cross of Savoie, infusing these drinks with exceptional floral bouquets to enjoy as an aperitif, digestif, chilled or in herbal teas. 

Les Caves d’Affinage de Savoie

In the heart of the Savoie mountains, in Rognaix, tens of metres of underground galleries have been converted into cellars to ripen more than 80 varieties of Savoie cheese, including Bauges, Tarentaise and Val d’Arly. At a depth of 65 metres inside a cliff, Beaufort and Tommes cheese are refined at 13°C for days to months in ideal and natural maturing conditions. Here, in these galleries, at 95% humidity, the cheeses mature at their own pace, in harmony with the seasons. The cheese refiner, one of the last in the Beaufort AOP, works with some forty or so local producers to create these marvels for L’Alpaga, which reflect the spirit of the region and are made with the meticulous skill of local craftsmen.