Les Hôtels d’en Haut

A range of hotels

Les Hôtels d’en Haut is a range of hotels that celebrates the desire to travel. Each offers the opportunity to discover authentic experiences and stay in surroundings of the highest quality, where the staff embody the values of service, sharing and hospitality that have become their trademark. 

Choosing Les Hôtels d’en Haut means first deciding on the destination: mountains or seaside. Snow‑capped peaks or the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean, where every piece of the experience conjures its own adventure and the chance to indulge absolutely in luxurious calm, to sit back and to absorb the true nature of each place.
Each hotel has its own character: a special art of living, a strong identity, inspired by local architecture that mirrors the beauty and history of outstanding destinations.
Val Thorens, Courchevel, Megève, Saint-Raphaël… whether for a winter holiday or summer getaway, all provide a wealth of possibilities—but always with that same promise: the chance to live the travel experience to the fullest. To be moved. To be amazed. To cultivate that taste for adventure.